Saturday, April 20, 2019


A story is an arrangement of words and images that re-create life-like characters and events. By how a storyteller describes and arranges a description of a events, issues and ideas, the storyteller gains the attention of an audience. To sustain that interest, the action of a story is often presented as revolving around resolving some human need: to feel loved, to be in control of one's life and fate, to be able to avenge wrongs, overcome obstacles, discover and understand the meaning and purpose of life. To reward the interest of an audience, the storyteller arranges the elements of their story to fulfill the issues it raises. So use Inkerract as an online platform to publish your stories. Once the user submits his or her piece it will be received by Admin. The story will go live once the article is reviewed and approved by the admin. Then stories can be liked, shared and anyone can comment on it.