Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Inspirational Quotes are the means for a writer to show his or her emotion to others. Not only that, he can motivate one by saying those words. One can read, learn and get inspired by these words. Although it's the words that matter, quotes always look attractive and posted with an image as a background. Here at inkerract we provide you the feature of posting images. You can also write couplets and two liners in this section. So this is how it works. Once the user submits his/her piece, it will be received by the Admin. Then, the post will be reviewed. The quotes will go live once they are reviewed and approved by the admin. Then it can be liked, shared and anyone can comment on it. And above all everyone can get inspired by it. So make use of this online platform and get the best out of it.


No one but only an unrequited lover can understand the sorrows of a broken heart. In front of the girl, he smiles deep but with...