Thursday, April 18, 2019
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When inspiration for a post strikes, scribble it down in a notebook or a word file . For many bloggers and content creators, finding the topic for an article to write about takes up half the time. Keeping an idea list lets you leap in to a new post quickly when you’re ready to write. Post it here to know what people think about your piece. It’s tempting, when you look through your list of ideas, to save the best ones for later because you think they’ll be easier to write. You don’t want to save time later, you want to save time now. Do the articles you know will come easily and make the most of that time. Be social get help from critics from our panel. Here's how you can make use of our online platform. Once the user submits his/her piece it will be received by the Admin. Then the post will be scrutinized. The article will go live once the article is approved by the admin. Then the article can be liked, shared and anyone can comment on it.


‌Rape is the cruelest of things a man can do to a woman. If a man thinks he shows well, that he is a...

The Sunset

I'm sitting here near my balcony door watching the sunset I haven't seen in a while. A playlist of chilled mixes serenading my time,...