Father to son


Hold fast to your dreams,
let them not glide away.
Soapy slippery thoughts that cross,
every time you lay.

Tales they shall tell you,
you shall be there too, hey !
Through darkened roads under your eyelids
they shall show you day !

“How do they look, O’ father tell me,
how they cross darkened ways ?
Without no torch, without no lamp,
don’t they get blown astray ?”

Maroon, magenta, mighty green,
the elves throw lighted rays.
With tiny feet and glowing eyes,
tippy-toeing heaven’s bay.

They hue your eyes golden and white,
and paint a lovely day.
With chirpy birds ,dancing flowers,
summer morning hay.

They run away, back to heaven,
when you stand up awake.
And then they take one long nap,
when you are out to play.

They work for you like mommy and I,
so you don’t face the pain.
Don’t make them cry, don’t make them sad,
let not ‘dreams’ perish away !


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