Age of Flintstones by Shantanu Kashyap


Forever progressing like the phases of moon
Strong and forever young like summer afternoons;
It occurred to me, not later nor soon.
Forever be happy like the bunny and loony toons.


All our lives we have been taught that,
If hurt, take revenge, do tit for tat.
Honestly our thoughts have become fat;
We are nothing not like jerry and tom the cat.


We all are so afraid to be left alone.
To the threat of being unhappy, we are prone.
People are judged by race and their tone,
Life was much better, in the age of the Flintstone.


We all grew up around Mario & sonic the hedgehog,
Now all we talk is crime, smoke and smog.
Classics taught us, It’s us emerge from the veil of fog,
Nothing’s a ghost, a devil, remember Scooby doo the dog?


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