A child with open heart


The date is noted .. my mom is in pain ..,of happinesses..                              So that I was born,

its aftrnoon every faces is smiling, I wonder.. due to me?

Yes.. they all are happy due to me!

by days.. I learned to crawling.. to walk .. to run.. to climb a mango tree..to go to school.. to make friends..

oh.. I became younger..

it was a birthday cake ..smiling faces. Ofcourse its my 10th birthday.

a one rupee Pepsi.. a little paper kite made by me.. a tv remote fight to watch my favourite cartoon..

want to stand first in father scooter!

With lots of freez and water .. with hide and seek.. with ludo and carom..!

with ice cream and ice gola..

the slider in play ground.., the swing on  mom legs.. a sweet little lunch box…

with cinema of Tarzan the wonder car.. and jaadu..,

a holi and diwali with neighbors… the summer rassna..

with lot of happiness .. dramas .. crying.. and love ..

seconds.. hours.. days.. and year passed away!

the one will always been same is parents..

a letter to 10 year oldl myself  that..


Amandip kaur..

you are the luckiest baby girl in the world.


Reviewed by Khushi Acharya

The piece is really colorful, chirpy and fantastic. It is definitely something which can be close to our hearts as it talks about childhood and old times. It contains everything we have gone through, experienced and have enjoyed. Only, it has a lot of grammatical errors that can be combatted. The writer can use better words to decorate it a little. I liked the concept and the basic idea but the technical problems need attention.


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