The Sunset


I’m sitting here near my balcony door watching the sunset I haven’t seen in a while. A playlist of chilled mixes serenading my time, right before the ‘kawatare doki’ (twilight in japanese) as the curtains that were supposed to hide my body clad with socially inapt clothing dance with the winds, almost matching the rhythms.

Right now I don’t care that my curls solemnly caress my face or thay the people past the street might stare and share judgemental nods between themselves about this young, lost damsel. Lost indeed; amongst the vortex of the parallel realities – one being this supernatural twilight.

Is this a coincidence that while the little of what nature is left in this dusty city envelops me, I hold a book with the name ‘All the light we cannot see’? Possibly a sign that I must look for the ‘light’ that the sun leaves in the dusk and the night; and possibly not. But either way, this very moment that the beauty of the outside seeps into my heart like the warmth of a person during a sincere hug, I feel aesthetically exquisite. Almost alluring to my own self.
By Moumita Debnath

Review by Mr. Vivek Adatia: This piece, first of all aptly does what any literary piece should; that is, to be a mode of expression of the writer. Add to this, a slight figurative and creative touch and there you are with a near professional piece of art. Kudos to the writer. I also like the subject quite much. The idea of self-love and self-appreciation merging with the appreciation of nature is quite appealing. Keep up the good work!


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