Stolen Love


Everything was a lie. Everything was a dream. The glass of love was unhanded by her holding hands. A piece of that shattered glass remained within his heart and eventually touched the soul. Now there lies A deep pain behind those flirty eyes, A deep thought behind that lost mind. Break him apart and you’ll find a pure soul shattered from within…

There is something in that heart unexpressed. There is something in that mind he couldn’t tirade. That shattered piece is still in that heart inflaming the grief day by day. And now He renders the endless pain with smile on his face. Hear the echo of his silence, you’ll find a heart sniveling from  within…

He is not alone but still he is all alone hiding the loneliness behind that fake curve on his face. He is voluble but covers his words behind that contrary silence. His eyes embrace secrets deeper and darker than the sea. Dive into that sea and you’ll find a world of solitude within…

His grief is becoming so deep that it seems inescapable. But he needs to be reminded that even the darkest night doesn’t last long. The agony is not allowing him to discern, There’s someone waiting, There’s someone praying silently. Now the time has come when he should step out of the darkness and evince the light of love  within…

This is not the ebb of his life. Still he has to see many tides. Now enough I waited and enough he cried.  Dump the grim past and Cherish the present moment. The moment that belongs to him, The moment that belongs to me. I may not be the one whom he want to love but neither the one he want  to hate.  Unravel my heart and you’ll find his heart within…

The heart being betrayed was not suppose to love anyone. It was not suppose to care for anyone. It no longer seeks love, only to protect itself from the pain of ever being betrayed again. But here the Love is seeking him and it always finds it’s way. He just needs to be told that Love can happen twice. Tickle his heart and revive the tenderness within….

The frozen eyes must be melt, so here’s my shoulder for his melting cries.  He is now rejoicing the warmth of the sentiments and  Slowly but realising that in the end something that matters is being happy and forgetful. The heart been broken is now healing. The journey of bad times was difficult but he is making, Now there is no grief and no pain, but a soul with amour within….

There isn’t exist any heart escapable from the invincible love. The heart fought with itself for something that was worth fighting for. Now the solitude world is no longer in existence. It’s now filled with joy and love that was been stolen by someone who doesn’t know it’s value. His smiles are no more fake, unleash it and you’ll find our sweet memories within….

Moments that we shared together are still not vague. They are engraved in my heart like imprints on rocks. I’m thankful to that girl who made him realize what love actually is. Love that pulled his heart from the darkness to the sunshine. Finally the day is here I’ve been waiting since childhood. Now he is my man and I’m his lady living happily in our little world that is infinite from within….


Reviewed by Munira

So… This time I feel this piece lacks sequence… The order of the events occurring isn’t clear. The writer talks about the person’s heartbreak getting healed and suddenly takes a complete u turn in the next paragraph and begins to tell us how he’s still not ok…then towards the end of the paragraph they talk about healing and it goes on and on in a loop… There usually are there parts of a write up the intro the main body and conclusion…given that maybe he (the person) keeps getting these confusing feelings and maybe that’s why he isn’t healing at a go well that can happen thrice but no repeatedly all the time


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